Why Entrepreneurs Need Better Session Board Controllers

Why Entrepreneurs Need Better Session Board Controllers

Sending information through a network is a common task, but there are a lot of security risks which many entrepreneurs overlook. Entrepreneurs should always check that their network interface is secure, and the information transfers from one server to another without causing too much traffic. Entrepreneurs who are updated with the latest technology will less likely experience data loss, and use session border controller.

Constant Change in Enterprise Communications 

Technology advancements significantly changed how business and enterprise communications. Enterprises today adopt VoIP and other collaborative channels, which increased the necessity to have Enterprise SBC to secure their network and connection. Some of the changes include services such as:

  • Bring Your Device Initiative – this allows employees to access business information regardless of where they are. It’s a convenient and secure way of collaborating even in different areas.
  • Cloud Services – this allows enterprises to eliminate equipment costs to innovate business communication infrastructure.
  • Unified Communications – communication is made easier by allowing employees to collaborate in meetings and discussions, through a convenient, efficient, and secure manner.

Better Session Board Controllers

More Than a Firewall Setting 

One of the critical role Enterprise SBC plays is to provide better security operations, during real-time communications. Traditional IP networking devices like firewalls and routers are not designed to protect real-time communications and only manage communication flows,  which is why the session border controller is beginning to emerge. The fundamental difference between Firewalls and E-SBC’s are:

  • Firewall setting only supports basic SIP, and it cannot control and manipulate real-time IP communications.
  • E-SBC’s are used as a back-to-back user agent, which processes real-time information from one source to another.

Building a Full Enterprise on a Network

Enterprise SBC inspects your business’ traffic during real-time communications, and it applies to control and policies. E-SBC’s directly managed and control the communication, to maintain and safeguard the communications efficiently. While the whole system may seem complicated, the innovation allows for a unified communication method, to enable efficient transactions and communications.

Another advantage for existing or new enterprises is the fact that E-SBC’s require less office space for its files, and everything can be accessed through a network. However, a business must develop their systems to prevent any breach of information.

If you’re a growing enterprise, its time you consider upgrading your network security settings with session border controller, which provides better security and interoperability. Many organizations are beginning to use this system, for them to give a higher level of service to their customers.