How can companies get more Twitter?

How can companies get more Twitter?

The rise of social networks has changed the world of marketing and business, and all companies must use social networks in some way. Your motives may be to help the brand reach it, improve customer service or even increase sales.

However, all too often, the company has set up its accounts, but does not know how to use them completely. This is not a universal approach, so do not forget to collect information related to your industry or business and develop your own strategy when you buy cheap twitter followers.

Here are some interesting statistics for Twitter and some tips on how you and your company can make the most of your account.

Tweet on weekends

Recent studies have shown that during the weekend, brand activity increases by 17%. Tools like Sprout Social and Buffer are programs that you can use to plan your tweets, so you do not have to surf the Internet on weekends. Click-through rates are also higher on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, so keep this in mind when planning.

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Include image or links.

Tweets with images and links get twice as many users as without them. And it’s worth knowing that more than 50% of Twitter users use their smartphones or tablets, so be sure to connect to mobile or responsive websites.

The only warning is that Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet. Posts with fewer characters get more participation than the longer ones, since they can allow people who share them to add comments and their tweets on Twitter if they wish.


The tweets with the corresponding hashtags (#) cover a wider audience than those that do not. Hashtags also increase the likelihood of retweets and sharing. A good practice on Twitter is to use only a few, since using too many can make reading a tweet difficult. The single use of one or two hashtags attracts more attention than those that have more.

Time and strategy 

Think about where your audience is in relation to the time of publication. For professionals, good morning, lunch and night is a good time to post, as it coincides with work before lunch and after work. But people often check Twitter and during work, so do not discard them completely and do not post anything. If your audience is, for example, parents, then the best time can be after a morning run or early in the afternoon. Try posting messages for days and days, and then analyse the results to see which publications got the most response.

To interact

Making sure that you interact with other users on a personal level is very important because it shows that you are interested and can increase your influence on the social platform. And in the end, they can become future customers, so it’s good to be in touch!