Video call application, which one to choose?

Video call application, which one to choose?

Do you like to go on holiday abroad with your toes and share with your loved ones your best moments? Your children live far away … but you still want to continue to interact with them and see them !? There are now technological solutions, mobile applications! A certain number of applications make it possible to call your relatives by videoconference.

What is a video call?

A video call allows the correspondents to see each other at the same time as they discuss. These calls are mainly made from a smartphone but can also be made from a tablet or a computer.

To make a video call in good conditions you need:

A front camera or webcam for the PC

 An internet connection in 3G or 4G (discounted from your data plan) or preferably a Wi-Fi connection (totally free) of good quality for a better quality of sound and image.

The advantage of these video calls is to break the codes of the classic calls and to transmit more than just words, emotions to your interlocutor. The gestures and the expressions of the face are transcribed in real-time which radically changes the experience of call. These calls can be free, if you call with Wi-Fi and you choose one of the applications listed below, it’s up to you to play

Why pay for video conferencing if Skype is free?

Customers often ask me why they should be spending money on commercial-grade video conferencing if Skype is free. I think it’s a valid question.

I often tell them that if Skype works well for them, they should continue to use it. Or, if someone does not have experience with videoconferencing and does not know which solution is appropriate, I tell them to use skype download.  They are both free and skype download  has better video quality.

Skype has attractive advantages:

It is almost ubiquitous (over 6 million subscribers) and easy to deploy (assuming your IT policy does not stop it) so you can be in business in less than a few minutes.

It’s easy to use; everyone has heard the stories with grandmothers who use it to chat with their grandchildren. So, if grandmothers can use it, it must be simple, which is not the case for some desktop video clients.

Reliability of audio and video calls to multiple users

Skype does not work very well for calls made to multiple users. This is the number 1 problem for Skype users. Skype works well for person-to-person calls, but once other users connect, the reliability of the system is not the same and most of the time is spent handling the call. Then, they realize that Skype is not free. It is very expensive to manage the technology and Skype is cluttering the work to be done.