Here’s How DaaS (Desktop as a Service) Save You Money

Here’s How DaaS (Desktop as a Service) Save You Money

More and more SME owners choose DaaS (Desktop as a Service) for their businesses because it has a major impact on their IT infrastructure. After all, the ultimate goal of DaaS is to simplify IT infrastructure, which translates to reduced technology costs in the long run.

When you choose a Desktop as a service for your business, there will be a cloud provider that will host the back-end of your virtual desktop infrastructure. This means that the DaaS provider will manage the hosting as well as maintaining storage, computer, and applications to run your business or organisation.

Keep in mind that a DaaS subscription is tailor-made according to your needs and it is scalable to grow with the business. Many business owners settle with DaaS because it can help them save more money at the end of the day.

So, how does DaaS help you save money?

It features a “per user billing”

DaaS pricing is a per-user basis. This means that you only pay for whatever you use. If the headcount decreases, the price also decreases. If the headcount increases, you will add accordingly. This concerns scaling up and down as needed.

It offers consistent fees

One of the good things about DaaS is a consistent fee. This simply means that you do not expect more variables on your monthly IT budget. Keep in mind that the fees will depend on the number of employees and the services you have selected.

It allows access anywhere

DaaS encourages productivity because it presents your employees with the chance to access or work anywhere from their mobile devices, laptops, and desktops – they just need a secure connection. Ultimately, by accessing anywhere, it improves the ability of the employees to collaborate. If the employee wants to work remotely, the savings will be passed down to you.

It has a lesser initial investment

Desktops or laptops are important for daily operations. With this, you need to secure one or more desktops or laptops but if you adopt DaaS, you will have a lesser initial investment. Instead of spending on upgrades and maintenance on laptops and servers, DaaS simply needs an Internet connection.

The Internet connection will allow employees to access and harness the computing power of the cloud service provider. Since DaaS completely steps away from the process of update, the savings are increased. You must understand that the service provider will handle all updates so there is no work disruption or downtime.

It offers world-class support

With DaaS, you do not need to worry about expensive in-house IT headcount because the provider will offer 24/7 services. After all, a helpdesk is included in the DaaS package.

It presents security savings

More importantly, DaaS encourages security savings. If your data is stored in your office, a breach is possible and the losses can be staggering. Through the redundant backups of DaaS, you are ensured that your data is secured from hackers or disasters. With DaaS, you are making sure that the vulnerabilities are handled by the provider helping you save money.

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