Things To Know When Buying Mirroless Camera

Things To Know When Buying Mirroless Camera

Mirroless cameras are actually considered to be an ideal camera for travel as they provide best image quality as well as functionality, however, are more portable and lighter compared to DSLR cameras. In this guide you will learn how to choose the best mirroless camera for travel enthusiasts.

What is the Mirroless Camera?

The mirrorless camera is same in several ways to the larger SLR and DSLR cameras, as its name suggests, it does not have mirror inside. In order, to explain in detail what exact difference this makes, it is worth to know about SLR. Single lens reflex or SLR camera, is the common camera design, which is around for years. When the digital sensors replaced its film, design of the cameras stayed the same. Main difference is that film inside this camera was been replaced by the digital sensor, and letter “D” for the digital got attached to SLR, and made it DSLR.

Mirroless Camera for Travel

Both SLRs & DSLRs have got the mirror inside them. It reflects light coming in through lens & up to the optical viewfinder of the camera that is a part of camera that you look through and compose any image. So, when you press its shutter button for taking the shot, mirror flips up & light passes through that shutter curtain and on the sensor.

The mirrorless camera, like the name recommends, removes the reflex mirror. It means that this camera is smaller, as a mirror mechanism takes some space and adds weight. It means that you cannot have the optical viewfinder in the mirrorless camera, since there is not any device to direct this light.

In the mirrorless camera, imaging sensor will be exposed to the light directly when shutter is open. It allows you have the digital preview of the image through electronic viewfinder or rear LCD or liquid crystal display screen. It allows you see on screen exactly what an image you capture may appear like.

Is Mirrorless Camera A Right Kind of Camera for Travel?

Mirroless Camera for Travel came in response to the consumer demand for the camera that offered good image quality and ability to change the lenses, however, in the lighter and smaller package than the DSLR. Thus, it means that for a lot of travelers they’re an ideal travel camera, since they take up very less space, whereas offering many benefits of the DSLR. But, they are more bulky than the compact or smartphone camera, and still are very expensive. In a lot of cases mirroless cameras are costly, and more expensive, than the DSLR. But, there are a few high-end good and compact cameras accessible with highly advanced features that include manual controls & RAW file support. You can take a close look at the recommendations for best cameras for travel in case you think it can be any better for you.