Schlage vs Kwikset—Things You Must Know

Schlage vs Kwikset—Things You Must Know

Kwikset and Schlage are big and reputable names in the smart lock making industry. The two brands are known for making and selling new-generation smart locks, which can be operated remotely using key fobs.  The locks are uniquely designed to be durable and safety-oriented. The locks can be used on their own or with home security systems.

Kwikset vs Schlage: The Similarities

The smart locks from these brands include Bluetooth coverage, with some of them featuring the Z-way Schlage vs Kwikset technology. The keypads on both smart locks are stylishly and nicely designed to deliver a great feel and performance. The locks also include auto-lock feature, which locks your door when it stays in the inactive mode for about 30 minutes.

  • Stores up to 30 passcodes
  • Both offer Bluetooth connectivity
  • They can be remotely controlled using key fobs
  • They all have keywords to allow easy entry of the passcodes
  • Compatible with most home automation platforms

The Main Differences Between the Two Lock Systems

While these two smart lock systems share some features, they also have some differences. Here are some of those differences.

  • Kwikset smart locks come with a lifetime warranty, which is not common with Schlage smart locks.
  • Installing the Kwikset smart locks is easier than installing Schlage locks
  • Schlage includes a user-friendly app that lets you control it via a smartphone, a feature you won’t find with Kwikset locks
  • Schlage accepts multiple Wifi options
  • The Schlage locks have better Bluetooth connectivity

Installation Info

The smart locks from both companies have an easy-to-install design and easy-to-understand installation manuals. It will only take you less than an hour to get any of these locks installed and ready for use.

Emergency Connections

Both smart locks don’t include emergency connectivity. You must pair them with a home automation platform so that they offer emergency connections.  The good news is that Schlage provides two smart locks coupled with alarms that go off in the event of forceful entry.

Available Equipment

Kwikset provides you with a whole lot of equipment, including outdoor keypad, indoor knob, outdoor knob, indoor handle, and lots more. As with Schlage, they offer you equipment such as Schlage Touch, Schlage sense, Schlage keypad knob, indoor handle and knob, and Schlage connect.

Kwikset vs Schlage: Conclusion

In the hunt for the best smart home locks, but don’t know which of the manufacturers to buy from, consider Schlage or Kwikset. They are both excellent players in this area, as their products are doing super great, with most of them selling very good in international markets. Both have some features, which showcase how effective they are. We have reviewed them for you in order to ensure you will have a smooth journey browsing through multiple choices to select the ones suitable for your home.