What Makes Cloud Hosting Superior Compared to Traditional Hosting?

What Makes Cloud Hosting Superior Compared to Traditional Hosting?

The business environment is evolving fast, and we need to adapt, or we will be left with conventional methods that don’t work in the present society. Technology plays a significant role, and we need to use high-quality tools that could help us traverse this modern world. One of these is web hosting, which is a must if your business is using a website and relies on it. Thankfully, you can choose Source Data Products IBM i hosting solutions, such as Cloud400, which is ideal for midrange users. Now, what makes the cloud better than traditional hosting? Learn more about this modern way of hosting your websites below.

What Does Cloud Hosting Do?

In layman’s terms, cloud hosting is the electronic structure of storing data across multiple computers. After that, the data is served through numerous networks, primarily the internet. Furthermore, these server farms act as a large storage unit, processor, and space with the data of your website spread across a cluster of multiple servers. Therefore, if one server goes down, another one will take over, and no information or capacity is lost. In addition, your data applications, email, or software are accessible anywhere you go. It’s the best choice, especially for a modern-day business like yours.

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Giving an Increase in Server Uptime

Since your website’s performance works in conjunction with the server uptime, cloud hosting ensures that you won’t experience a single point of failure. As mentioned previously, your website’s data is spread across a cluster of multiple servers. So if one server goes down, no information is lost. One server will continue to take over and let the website run as if nothing happened. Everything will continue to run smoothly. In comparison, traditional hosting is one big infrastructure, where if your server goes down, you’ll experience an extended downtime of your servers and overall applications on your website.

Increase in Security While Being Cost-Efficient

All business owners are looking to cut costs while maximizing efficiency, and that’s what cloud hosting is all about. With the cloud, you don’t need a hefty capital expenditure since you won’t be building your own infrastructure. Instead, what you’ll pay for are the resources and services you’re using. Furthermore, since the cloud already works in an established infrastructure, it comes with multiple layers of security. So your data, applications, network, and physical security are heightened. They also have encrypted solutions, backups, firewalls, and more to ensure that your website is protected.