Voice, tone, intonation and even silence play an important role in a telephone conversation. All these elements will then condition the conversation that will be established between the interlocutors. And if the word is the proper of the man remains to know to use it wisely …

As part of your job as a telemarketer, telemarketer or telemarketer, you are evaluated daily on your ability to respond quickly and well to the expectations of your interlocutors because the quality of telephone communication plays a fundamental role in the valuation of the company that you represent. Thus, the brand image of the company (just like the one you give of yourself) lies in your way of welcoming, helping and advising the client. It is therefore essential to master the communication situation by showing confidence and empathy.

The situation of telephone communication: the golden rules

Whether Base Chat Telefonnummer ersetzt durch Locatalk  it is in sending or receiving calls, the important thing is to remain friendly and professional. As well,

Introduce yourself and express yourself pleasantly. This is a basic rule of politeness, but the context (stress, surprise, noise, fatigue …) can sometimes make us lose our means. Remember to pronounce and articulate your name and that of society. Your interlocutor must immediately locate you and not be disconcerted. Throughout the conversation, stay mentally available to capture each of your client’s reactions.

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All interlocutors are important, even on the phone! Whether speaking to a high-ranking personality or not, do not be destabilized. All interlocutors are your customers, so they are all important! To gain in persuasion, do not hesitate to personalize the communication by calling for example your customer by name if you know him (always by seeing him). It will have the feeling that you are available for him alone.

 Determine the needs: 

A successful communication will be the one that will have provided the answers that the customer expects. To do this, you must take special care to evaluate the requests of your interlocutor. Ask him questions to guide him and clarify his request if necessary. If his request can not be satisfied in the immediate future, propose him if necessary to transfer it to the competent service. The customer must feel the legitimacy of this proposal.

The voice: A work tool like no other

The voice is, with the phone, your preferred tool. If the quality of expression is fundamental, it is not just about the accuracy of the language. It’s all about putting your voice at the service of effective and quality communication.

The importance of the voice : Know that the smile is heard on the phone! Thus, by displaying a warm and relaxed expression, your voice will be more pleasant for your interlocutor and the quality of the conversation will feel immediately