The different uses of Augmented Reality

The different uses of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is offering a unique technological way of interacting with customers, employees, and the whole world around us. Augmented Reality holding an enormous market potential, which is yet held at its initial stage. In the coming years, It will give a big boom to every organization and company.

AR overlays virtual objects of the digital world into the physical world. It uses digital devices and gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and unique sensors to detect the position of physical objects and then decides where to place virtual ones.

In this digital era, AR has unique far-reaching involvement in almost every latest field, from gaming to training, marketing to simulation, and in many more.

Uses of Augmented Reality in Different Organizations-

In the retail domain

Augmented reality has endless opportunities in Retail. Importantly, you have to be sure with your needs, As you want an in-store or out store experience.  

  • In-store experience means your customers will come to your store and will interact with the Augmented Reality within the doors and walls of the store. These will work as virtual trial rooms where the customer will wear cloth virtually for deciding color and size.
  • Out-Store Experience means the customer doesn’t have to come out of their house for this experience. You will provide them this experience at their homes through mobile apps or 3D creator studios.

In the Real Estate

Nowadays, the Internet is becoming more and more famous for buying and renting houses. AR is offering much more to the Real Estate Companies for their marketing. It will give a unique and virtual experience of homes to the customers. They can feel their real home virtually and can filter those houses that they like. This will save the time of both; customers and dealers. Augmented Reality system will become a very prestigious tool in the world of construction. It will showcase the blueprints and interiors of houses to the customer virtually.

Training and Education

AR technology in a class will make education more engaging and happening. AR will make the teaching style interesting and interactive so far and will change the most boring chapter into an interesting one. By downloading and accessing AR apps on their gadgets, students will get detailed knowledge and a virtual understanding of the subject. For instance, watching a skeletal system in a virtual AR3D mode, they will come to know about each and every bone very easily.


 One more industry that is going to get a huge benefit of this AR technology in healthcare. Doctors can identify symptoms and problems better and can explain properly to the patient through a virtual view. Secondly, it will help doctors while operating, they can find Veins and area of problem easily with the help of AR. There are many uses of AR in the Healthcare Department.


 Sales of a Brand or Product depends upon the needs and requirements of Customers, And developing desires and needs in the customer’s mind is the job of a marketer or an advertiser. This new technology and idea of Augmented Reality delivers the best possible experience to customers and can be used as a crucial part of marketing strategies for attracting targeted and potential customers.

Future Of Augmented Reality

As Technology is growing, we are stepping forward in the digital revolution day by day. Before the invention of Augmented Reality, there was a huge disconnect between the digital and physical world. Augmented reality is one of the super unique technologies that present digital data and images on the physical world. It promises to fix the gap between digital media and the physical world by un-tapping the unique capabilities of virtual reality and 3D solutions

It is deliberated that AR will soon enter the mainstream market of sake and marketing; one study claims, Costing of AR technology will touch $60 billion in 2020. It will give a sharp turn to the market and organizations of every industry.

In the next coming decades, It will completely transform the way we interact with the digital world. It will discover a brand new interface between humans and machines. Secondly, it will give many marketing strategies to Brands for increasing their sales and to attract customers towards their services and products.

On the Bigger picture, we can proudly claim that in the coming years Augmented Reality Technology is going to bring a big boom in the market. 

Every coming day, new technologies and features are getting launched in AR apps and booming the waves of excitement in the market.