Here’s What to Ask a Potential VPS Hosting Provider

Here’s What to Ask a Potential VPS Hosting Provider

If you noticed that your website is consistently running slow, it is time that you consider VPS (Virtual Private Server). VPS is useful if your website is growing. You must understand that if you do not have large amounts of RAM when adding more content, it can affect your website’s load time. With vps in China, it can help you scale your website without even worrying about slow load times.

However, choosing VPS is not that easy because there are a plethora of providers out there. You should make it a point to invest time and resources in finding a high-quality and reliable VPS hosting provider. To help you in this endeavor, you should learn what to ask a hosting provider to make an informed decision.

So, here’s what to ask a potential VPS hosting provider:

Is security monitored?

Many consider upgrading to VPS because of its enhanced security. Keep in mind that a good web hosting provider has the ability to catch if a site is breached or compromised as it happens. From your end, you should ensure that the provider has security measures in place from virus/malware scanners to firewalls.

Do you offer SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol?

Aside from the virus/malware scanners and firewalls, you should look into SSL. This is an encryption protocol for information that is sent through the Internet. SSL is crucial if you are building an e-commerce site or any site that deals with sensitive information.

SSL is the most common choice for web encryption and at the bare minimum, the hosting provider should offer this. With this, it will cover all bases when it comes to server security. If the hosting provider does not offer SSL, you should move to another or there is always a choice to get third-party SSL.

Can you describe your kind of uptime?

Server uptime is vital especially if you are handling a website that caters to thousands of audience every minute. Ideally, you should pick a hosting provider that offers a 99.99% uptime. Anything below can lead to instability and trouble with your site. With this, you have to check the uptime guarantee of the hosting provider before you sign up.

Do you perform data backups?

Data backups should be performed as often as possible. A good hosting provider will make sure to perform data backups often to lessen the risk of losing critical data. Ideally, you need to choose a provider that performs backups at least once a day.

Is scaling up easy?

You should also ask if the provider could accommodate your needs if they change over time. This will entail scaling. At the onset, you have to determine if the hosting provider offers flexible contracts in the event that you need more storage, bandwidth, CPU or RAM.

Do you provide guarantees?

A confident and reliable VPS hosting provider is not afraid to give customers any form of guarantee. For instance, there are others that offer refunds in the event that clients are not satisfied with their services.