Here’s How to Choose the Right Video Editing Tool

Here’s How to Choose the Right Video Editing Tool

You have made an awesome movie but what do you do after? It is time to edit it! Learning how to edit the movie by yourself will surely give you remarkable results while you can hire professional editors. The key here is finding the right video editing tool.

There are many video editing tools available for iMovie for pc or Windows these days. As a beginner, you should look into different features and determine your needs to make an informed decision. To guide you through the buying process, here’s how to choose the right video editing tool:

Set your budget

There are free editing tools you can consider, but they only provide essential functions. If you want a remarkable outcome, you need more than the basics. There are commercial video editing tools, but it comes with a price. Since you are making a movie, it is ideal that you consider a professional suite where you can avail of a wide range of products.

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Ascertain the user interface

Before you settle with the cheapest or the most expensive suite, you have to “feel” the tool. Your ultimate goal here is to ensure that you can use it with ease. With this, you have to look into the design, advanced settings, controls and many more. The right user interface is simple to use because it is intuitive. It can mean the difference between a poorly made video edit and an outstanding creation.

Decide the video formats you need

When choosing a tool, it is vital to check the input formats. Ideally, you need to decide what formats you want to encode and then pick a tool that can open or save those formats.

Check the editing tracks

When it comes to editing, you should look more into the tracks instead of the effects. The records are available when you are editing, but some tools offer infinite tracks. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing infinite tracks, it is practical to choose a tool that only offers tracks that matter like main video track, video overlays, still images tracks, title tracks, subtitle tracks, music track, and narration track.

Determine the featured file output

In the past, when it came to computer playback, it was only a matter of choosing a DVD or a highly compressed video file format. These days, with the popularity of online video hosting like Vimeo and YouTube, portable playback devices are created.

Now you will see more extensive formats available for tablets and phones on top of the existing formats like Blu-ray and DVD. With this in mind, you should have a clear picture of all possible video file formats you want to produce.

Examine the software upgrades

If you have plans to learn more, you must choose a tool that offers a software upgrade. It entails examining the products on offer and the upgrade pricing.

Look into software stability

Finally, you should look into software stability. When considering the stability, there are two things that you need: actual operating stability and the stability of the company.