Facebook Ad Retargeting Strategies You Should Follow For Successful Marketing

Facebook Ad Retargeting Strategies You Should Follow For Successful Marketing

Trying to make the most of your advertising efforts? Facebook remarketing campaigns are probably the best hidden and underrated way to do so. While a lot of marketers use remarketing tactics as a part of their Facebook Ad retargeting strategies, in actuality, they are only the past visitors of that website and skipping the entire group of other FB ad audiences.

Interestingly, people want to see your remarketing messages too! Your audience likes a follow-up cart abandonment email. So you see how important it is to execute remarketing tactics, but do you know how? Here are some must-know Facebook ad retargeting strategies you should follow to ensure success. Let’s have a look.

  1. Setting Up an Effective Tracking System

Remarketing is incomplete without retargeting your audience. For creating new Facebook Custom Audiences out of people who once engaged with you via content or your website, you need to set up a decent tracking system first. After setting up the system next comes the interesting part. You now need to create a new audience and set up engaging remarketing messages that interact with the new audience.

  1. Section the New Facebook Remarketing Audiences

The biggest blunder you can do is treat the entire audience group as one and show them a similar retargeting ad. That’s a big No-No. All your audiences have different expectations from you and different purpose behind reaching you. So you need to interact with them accordingly.

The best you can do is narrow down your remarketing audiences into broad categories, such as:

  • Specific landing page audience
  • Blog readers
  • Pricing page audience
  • Visitors who abandoned the shopping cart
  • Customers who have purchased a product/service or something from you in the past

Create different ads for different sections and make sure the ad lives up to the expectations and preferences of the new remarketing audience categories.

  1. Exclude Converters

The next thing you need to do is exclude the converters from your remarketing campaign. Once a person has clicked on your remarketing ad, he/she should move to the next stage of the marketing funnel and be out of the existing campaign. Seeing the same ad over and over again is not only annoying but also demotivating.

So exclude people who have already clicked your ads and converted. Some parts of these steps require professional knowledge, and if you are new to the marketing field, you can rely on AdWords in Auckland for help.

  1. An Effective Remarketing Funnel

Like normal marketing, you also need to make a remarketing funnel, with all the steps and stages in detail. It will help you decide what you need to do next and how the audience will go through these stages and what will be the outcomes.

A traditional conversion funnel includes 5 stages –

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Convert
  • Re-engage

The core idea behind these stages is same, no matter how you define them. After a visitor passes through a specific stage, keep excluding them from it to avoid any disarray.

  1. Try A/B Testing on Different FB Ad Elements

The concept of A/B is great, and you can use it in your remarketing strategies too! Facebook A/B testing is a repetitive process that you can follow in your every campaign, including the remarketing ones too. Things you can A/B test include –

  • Ad design
  • Ad copy
  • Ad placement
  • Bidding strategies
  • CTA buttons
  • Campaign goals
  • And more

Try different combinations to find out what makes your visitors return to your site and buy again.

So these are five best Facebook ad retargeting strategies that you should follow for more benefit. You can also consult AdWords experts in Auckland for any guidance or help with your marketing.