Essential Leave Management System Features

Essential Leave Management System Features

Almost all people in the field of human resources will agree that the biggest problem that human resources professionals face all over the world is the management of employee licenses. Processing applications and tracking license time is a very tedious task! Many decades ago, say, in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, when computers were not so common and a lot of software was not developed, the whole licensing process was extremely complicated. Fortunately for us, we live in an era when modern IT solutions have greatly simplified our work and everyday tasks.

However, business leaders and decision makers should be extremely careful when choosing the software that best suits their needs. For this reason, to help you select and filter out low-quality platforms, in this article there are  4 functions of the license management system that all relevant software should have.

  1. Must have an integrated tracking system

The main function of the hr management system hk is to effectively track the working hours of individual employees. Managers should be able to see the licenses that all employees can use, and the availability of other employees to decide whether they accept or reject a specific application for a license. In addition, the tracking system should also have a complete calendar that shows all the important dates on which employees cannot take weekends. Consequently, this function ensures that no errors are made if employees are allowed or barred from retiring.

hr management system hk

  1. Must be based on network and mobile devices

It is important to remember that employees can apply for permits at any time of the day, including hours after work, so it’s difficult for managers to access their permit management systems and make timely decisions. Ideally, managers should have access to their company’s license management software anytime, anywhere. This is why another key feature to look for is that the platform must be web-oriented and accessible on a portable device with an Internet connection.

  1. Create a reporting tool

When doing leave management hong kong, it is important to consider productivity and overall workforce efficiency. This is possible due to the creation of significant reports to analyze the level of absence and the overall effectiveness of the company. A good license management system should allow its users to conveniently create insightful reports based on data on license applications, approvals, refusals and organizational effectiveness.

  1. You must provide a self-service platform for employees

To avoid confusion, it is strongly recommended that senior management continue to provide assistance and leave politics without any ambiguity. However, confusion may arise, and employees, especially new ones, may have trouble trying to understand certain points in the policy. The answers to individual questions of each employee can be really troubling for personnel specialists who already have a lot on their plates.