Common iPhone problems and some simple solutions

Common iPhone problems and some simple solutions

IPhone is a sophisticated device that all of us want to possess. Of all the smartphones available,  iPhone has a crazy following.

But the thousands of dollars you spend on buying your iPhone don’t guarantee you an error-free working. There are times you encounter issues that any other smartphone user faces.

The following gives you an idea of the types of issues and some easy fixes for the same.

Wifi not connected

Do you know what the most irritating issue an iPhone user faces is? Wi-Fi not connecting to the phone. But thankfully it is a simple issue. You just have to restart your phone and once done the Wi-Fi shows up. A hard reset may be required if the first one doesn’t help.  But before this check your router for any possible issues. You may also try changing the HTTP proxy settings to ‘auto’ in the Settings tab.

Battery life is short

You receive this notification at times that some app is running in the background and is draining your battery greatly. This can be one reason for a shorter battery life. Excessive usage of the phone can also result in battery life running low. Check the permissions for the app and if they are allowed to run in the background, change it. Locate the app consuming a lot of energy and try reinstalling it.

Cracked screen

An accidental drop or smash may cause your screen to crack. If the crack is worse, it may even hurt your hand. Check with iphone screen repair Singapore to see how grave the issue is and opt for screen replacement. If the crack is minor there are several DIY ways to fix it easily.

Update not available

When the Os of your iPhone is not getting updated you may face issues with the app or other downloads. Connect your phone to your Mac and force restart. You will get the update option after the phone restarts.

Damage due to contact with water

Any electrical/electronic device can get damaged when it comes in contact with water. When connected to an electrical source, the device should be dry. Otherwise, it may result in a short circuit.

If you drop your phone in water accidentally, wait for it to dry. Then take it to the Apple service center where you can find the correct assistance.

Phone not charging

Your iPhone’s port or a software issue may be a reason for the phone not charging. You have to clean the charging port or try to take help from the experts at the service center.

Hope the above information is of good help.