10 Things to Consider While Planning for Android App Development

10 Things to Consider While Planning for Android App Development

Developing your own Android app and launch it in Google Play Store might seem completely related to programming. However, there are many more things you need to consider to ensure higher mobile app success rate.

Want to know what are these things to focus upon while Android app development? Here they are:

Validate Your App Idea

It is nonsense to think that your app idea is too unique to face competition. With millions of apps in the Google Play Store, it is likely to find two or more Android apps providing the same or similar services. In this scenario, it is better to validate your app idea.

Understand the Market

There is no use for developing an out-of-the-box app if there’s no market for it. So, it is extremely necessary to begin with the market analysis. Examine your market and evaluate what kind of technologies and approach they prefer. Polish your app idea with the insights gained and make your app market-ready.

Study the Competition

Performing a competitive analysis is yet another important point to add into your android application development list. By examining your competitors’ apps, you can find out what features to prefer, what mistakes you need to avoid and how, etc.

Know Your Budget in advance

While developing an Android app, it is wise to set a budget in advance. This will act as a factor to determine the kind of features and functionalities you want to integrate into your application. And this way, help you to launch your application successfully without getting bankrupt.

Listen to Your Users

Your target audience plays a pivotal role in Android software development process. When you keep their needs, expectations and behavior into consideration, you can create an application they love to try.

While on the flip side, if your mobile application is not as per the user needs, it will find hard to survive in the mobile industry.

Design is Must

A mobile application is not only about coding. You need to focus upon the design part as well. A mobile app design, created keeping the latest UI/UX trends into consideration, can boost your app download rate. It can attract users, keep them entertained while your app page loads, and in this way, add more value to your app marketing plan.

Go with the latest Technologies Trends

With the rapidly changing technology world, it is crucial for the Android app development companies to keep themselves abreast with the cutting-edge technologies and trends. If you still cling to the traditional ways of mobile app development, your app won’t be preferred by tech-savvy mobile users. Eventually, this will result in lower ROI and lesser future jobs.


Testing might seem as an additional factor, it is an essential phase of Android mobile app development. By focusing on the testing process, you can determine if your app is market-ready on the basis of the idea behind, the target audience, bugs and errors, business ideology, and so on.

Launch and ASO Optimization

The App launch time and date have a major impact on the app success. So, it is critically important to decide the right time to launch your mobile app and prepare accordingly.

Furthermore, the ASO strategy you implement also make a difference in the whole scenario. If you religiously follow the guidelines of Play Store and pick the right elements – your app can easily get higher rank in the Google Play Store. This, in turn, implies higher ROI and success ratio.

Focus on Your Marketing Strategy

Building the right Android app marketing strategy is of immense importance in the mobile market. With endless apps joining the league every day, it is required to sharpen your marketing skills and create a buzz in the market.

According to the best Android app development service providers, one should consider pre-launch marketing for higher benefits. In a layman’s language, one must begin promoting their Android application the moment they plan to develop an app. This approach will help in better market understanding, crafting a user-centric application, testing the app idea before launch, and much more.

Keep the aforementioned points into consideration while planning for Android app development. This will help you craft a better version of your Android mobile app.