If you are attending an event and you want to have instant access to the internet anytime you need, you can either tether you phone or you can also use a WiFi hotspot for events. Tethering your smartphone tends to be a bit expensive, not to mention that it might even end up draining your battery. There are several advantages that you can enjoy when you use a hotspot device instead of using your phone for tethering.

  • Connectivity – The use of WiFi hotspot for events, unlike tethering your smartphone, will let you connect several devices without causing any impairment on the connectivity. You can also get a much better connection since a WiFi hotspot comes with a bigger antenna compared to your smartphone.
  • Cost effectiveness – If you are on a tight budget, a WiFi hotspot is a better option since this doesn’t come with a contract or rental fees. You can always rent a hotspot that is more convenient and still get uninterrupted service throughout the event.
  • Convenience – You don’t have to worry about leaving your phone behind just to maintain the internet connections of the devices. It means that you can have your phone with you all the time so you can take messages and calls even when you are online.
  • Energy – Since you will not be using your phone’s battery, its charge will stay longer. Once fully charged, WiFi hotspots can give you hours of undisrupted connectivity.
  • Versatility – It is easy to bring the WiFi hotspot with you anywhere you go so that you can have internet access for as many devices or computers as necessary.
  • Shareability – You and your colleagues are all free to use the WiFi hotspot device. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even game consoles can be connected.
  • Speed –WiF hotspots offer a relatively faster internet service compared to what you can expect to get if you will tether your phone.